Sapphire Lux Luminare Vitrum 22 oz. High Performance Scented Candle

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Made with essential oils.

Even the Caribbean has nothing on the sapphire waters of the Sardinian coast. The soft, Italian, powder-white sands leading to the island's lush interior, peppered with monuments of Roman antiquity give the entire island a wild and pure nature. This is one of our most luxurious fragrances, embodying the region's rich, natural flora and the mist of mysterious hidden coves, making true-life dreams to enjoy by day and by joyful and colourful night.

Top Notes: vineyard mist, agave, lemon leaves
Middle Notes: dune grass, pink peppercorn, water lotus
Base Notes: sun bleached driftwood, pamplewood, amber

Sapphire Lux™  Fragrance Scoring™: 9-10
(A range from 1-10 of how powerful you can expect your Unearthed fragrance to be.)

  • Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, living room, bedroom, large bathroom / men's den / office

The UnEarthed®, Luminare Vitrum™, Premium, High Performance Candle is filled with 22 ounces of a natural-based, proprietary blend, silky wax perfection with maximum fragrance load.  The Luminare Vitrum™ wick is a high-performance, zinc-core wick that will deliver the ultimate clean burn, with little to no soot (keep wicks trimmed please).  Your candle will burn clean down the sides of the jar, without wax-"hang-up".  All Luminare Vitrum® candles are developed to completely fill your space with fragrance.


Ask a Question
  • do you have patchouli scent in your candles?

    Several of our fragrances have patchouli in them, but we have been working on a pure patchouli for about three years now.  Our expectations are to have it ready somewhere between fall and spring 2020.  It just takes a very long time to find fragrances worthy of UnEarthed and patchouli is a tough one to make perfect. 

    To see a list of fragrances that have patchouli in them, do a search on our site for "patchouli".  Here is a direct link to that search:

    You will want to read the notes and descriptions to see which direction the scent will lean with that patchouli. For example, Augustus is going to lean toward spice/leather, Portofino Calligo on the side of wet/earth and then Luminosa is super crisp, ozonic and clean.

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