Minima Vitrum™ Luxury, 7Votive Gift Set

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To experience full fragrance throw, burn your UnEarthed® candles completely to the edge and then for an additional 2-3 hours. Keep your wicks trimmed.

Seven, 10-hour votive candles.  A full, balanced selection of Unearthed fragrances in a luxury package.

Made with essential oils.

The Unearthed, Minima Vitrum Votive Candle is a high-performance, scented candle with maximum fragrance load and maximum fragrance throw.  All Minima Vitrum, candles are developed to completely fill your small to medium space with fragrance. 

Give the Minima Vitrum Scented Votive Gift Set as a luxury gift or keep as a special gift for yourself, to experience seven of the Unearthed Luminare Vitrum Fragrances.

Fragrances in the gift set are:

Confectio Masterfully paired jewels of decadence; vanilla cream, candied pecans, Royal Maple and brown sugar. 

Crema di Lavanda : A clean and luxurious fragrance of French lavender interwoven with a smooth and creamy Madagascar vanilla.

Crystal Waters & Sea Salt : White Tea and coconut push brightly through an interesting, light mix of lemon zest and amber, with sparkling notes of sea spray.

Grand Valencia : Fresh coconut milk and French tonka, blended with a perfectly balanced symphony of bright citrus fruits.

Creeping Jenny & Berries : A powerful bouquet of Italian currant, and English Ivy are accented by slight hints of jasmine, violet leaves and green tea.

Pacific Sandalwood and Vanilla Silk : Exotic, earthy woods with a smooth bouquet of jasmine, lily and clove buds make for a perfectly warm, fantastical sandalwood.


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