Luminosa™ 22 oz. High Performance Scented Candle

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Made with essential oils.

Inspiration for this fragrance comes from the yearly transformation of Scorrano, Italy, "Light Capital of the World", known for a display of spectacular, sculpted light, during Santa Domenica. The city of Scorrano is magically transformed into an oasis of vibrant, colorful light for a five-day, unforgettable event. Like the lights of Scorrano, Luminosa™ is a brilliant and unforgettable experience, featuring exotic florals, bright fruits, rare herbs and exceptional resins.

Top Notes: pomelo, tuscan lemon, bergamot zest
Middle Notes: egyptian jasmine, green apple skin, moroccan rose petals
Base Notes: blue amber, oakmoss, pogostemon cablin (patchouli)

Luminosa™ Fragrance Scoring™: 8-9
(A range from 1-10 of how powerful you can expect your Unearthed fragrance to be.)

  • Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, living room, bedroom, large bathroom / men's den / office

The Unearthed, Luminare Vitrum™ candle is a high-performance scented candle, filled with 22 ounces of a natural-based, proprietary blend of silky perfection with maximum fragrance load.  The Luminare Vitrum™ wick is a high-performance, zinc-core wick that will deliver a clean burn, with little to no soot (keep wicks trimmed please).  Your candle will burn clean down the sides of the jar, without wax-"hang-up".  All Luminare Vitrum™, candles are developed to completely fill your space with fragrance.


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  • How many days it would last or hours

    135-155 hours, depending on how long you burn the candle during each burn and if you keep your wick trimmed.

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