Apricot Rambutan™ - Magna Vitrum™ 68 oz., Scented 3- Wick Candle

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Made with essential oils.

Fragrance Description:

Apricot Rambutan is a super complex blend of exotic fruits, crystals and resins, celebrating the Vesuvian Apricot of Southern Italy. This geographically protected indication and short-lived fruit of the region is grown in a wealth of volcanic mineral soil to develop a flavor profile like no other.

Fragrance Scoring™: 9-10

Notes & Placement

Top Notes: fresh apricot, papaya puree, blackberry vine
Middle Notes: raspberries, peach skin, crushed blackberries
Base Notes: rhubarb, vanilla amber, sugar crystals

Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, living room, bedroom, kitchen

    Burn Times

    Votives: 6-10 hours
    6oz. fill, Thick Glass Candle: 35-45 hours
    22.6 oz. fill candle: 135-155 hours
    68 oz. fill candle (3 wicks): 160-215 hours
    14 oz. fill Lux Gift Box Candle:: 55-65 hours
    4.4 oz. travel tin: 25-35 hours

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