22 oz. Scented Candle, Modern to Farmhouse Style!

Powerful & Vegan Friendly!

UnEarthed® 22 oz. Scented Candles match every style, modern to farmhouse decor.  

Wax: Coconut oil based, proprietary, "Silky Wax" that burns super clean.  Keep wicks trimmed.

Expect ultimate hot-throw (how powerful you can expect your candle to be burning)

Burn Time: 120-135 hours (or more)

Select a Fragrance
Augustus (Vetiver + Brushed Suede + Rustic Tobacco)
Augustus (Vetiver + Brushed Suede + Rustic Tobacco)
Crema di Lavanda (Warm Vanilla + Bay Laurel + French Lavender)
Pacific Sandalwood (Driftwood + Vanilla + Earthy Spices)
Bayberry Brachetto (Sugar Crystals + Bayberry + Cranberry Spice)
Vanilla Robusto (Vanilla + Tobacco Flower + Smoked Oak)
Willow (Water Hyacinth + Fig + Blooming Patchouli)
Crystal Waters (Sea Salt + White Lily + Young Fig)
Grand Valencia (Florida Orange - Vanilla Sugar - Coconut)
Apricot Rambutan (Apricot + Amber + Blackberry Vine)
Luminosa (Blue Amber + Oak Moss + Jasmine)
Confectio (Praline + Maple + Cake Batter)
Lilium (Iris + Pink Pepper + Pineapple)
Angelino Plum Cassia (Plum + Pineapple Nectar + Green Herbs)
Apple Vin Brule (Amber Apple + Toasted Cinnamon + Nutmeg)
Biscotti Royale (Almond + Toffee + Creamy Vanilla)
Ginger Creme Ombre (Sweet Ginger + Whipped Cream + Cinnamon Bark)
Pomander Italia (Valencia Orange + Grapefruit + Clove)
Pumpkin Caramello (Pumpkin Puree + Buttercream + All-Spice)
Sapphire Lux (Dune Grass + Agave + Water Lotus)
Portofino Caligo (Wet Stone + Beach Timber + Patchouli)
Hello world
Modern Farmhouse soy and coconut oil scented candles made with essential oils
What are your candles made of?
UnEarthed candles are made with a blend of paraffin, soy and coconut oil. We use AAA fragrance from premium perfumers and offer an essential oil inclusive formula.
How many hours do your candles burn?
We offer a 14 ounce candle that burns 60-70 hours, a 22 oz. candle that burns 120-135 hours and a travel tin candle that burns 25-30 hours.
What is a "Luxury" candle?
Luxury candles are made with a premium wax blend that burns clean down the sides of the candle container, offers a clean burn and super-premium fragrance.  If a scented candle is "claiming" premium, it should scent a major portion of your home after 2-4 hours of burn time.
What makes your candle so special?
We cram pack as much fragrance as we can possibly fit into a candle without it seeping out the sides but not before insisting on premium, PERFUME quality (fine fragrance - as in the perfume counter at your local luxury department store) and then we intensify it to the max using a proprietary method called "Advanced Fragrance Technology".  In addition,  if it's not a super-power fragrance, we don't make it.  Our candles burn evenly down the sides of the jar, usually lasting even longer than our burn times published and burn very clean.  You can feel good about the product you are using in your home when you burn an UnEarthed® candle!
What kind of specials do you offer?
We offer free gifts and special events during the year when you can receive unlimited gift cards for the promoted amount spent.
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