About Unearthed, the brand, by The Candleberry Candle Company

UnEarthed® is a luxury candle collection developed and manufactured by The Candleberry Candle Company®.  Candleberry® has been manufacturing candles since the 1900's, taking the craft of fragrance development to higher and higher levels.  Today, the ultimate candle crafted by Candleberry® is the UnEarthed® candle. 

UnEarthed® ultimate-quality, clean fragrances are meant to put a permanent bookmark in the olfactory senses.  It doesn't matter where you are, if fragrance is in the room, the memory will last forever.  Our customary method of fragrance development lends itself to the branding of the momentary experience.  We formulate and intensify fragrance to it's most pure potential for candles.  We then combine it with some of nature's best ingredients, together with ultimate craftsmanship to bring you what we consider to be the finest candles in the world.

The UnEarthed® line has all of the highest levels of product performance available and known to Candleberry® today.  

Unearthed®, high-performance Candle Attributes

  • UnEarthed® wax is a proprietary blend of the highest quality and performance materials.
  • The UnEarthed® wax blend is unavailable in any other candle on the market.
  • Your candle will burn evenly down the sides of the jar.
  • UnEarthed® fragrances are as powerful as a fragrance can be, with no dillutants.
  • UnEarthed® fragrances are developed using Advanced Fragrance Technology® and contain the very best ingredients possible.
  • UnEarthed® fragrances are designed by the highest-level  professionals of the perfumery industry.
  • Your candle will be completely free of dyes and it will display a very clean-burning flame (always keep burning candle-wicks trimmed).

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