Pomander Italia™ 22 oz. High Performance Scented Candle

UnEarthed® Luxury Candles

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To experience full fragrance throw, burn your UnEarthed® candles completely to the edge and then for an additional 2-3 hours. Keep your wicks trimmed.

Made with essential oils.

A pomme d'ambre, or pomander, of dried orange and lime peels, soaked in cinnamon and sweet sanders, sprinkled with crushed clove and for a perfectly aromatic and natural potpourri. During the middle ages, such fine perfumery was traditionally presented in an ornate, partially gilded silver ball encasing.

Top Notes: key lime zest, bitter orange
Middle Notes: black peppercorn, clove bud
Base Notes: amber woods, patchouli

Pomander Italia™ Luminare Vitrum™  Fragrance Scoring™: 9
(A range from 1-10 of how powerful you can expect your Unearthed fragrance to be.)

  • Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, living room, bedroom

The UnEarthed®, Luminare Vitrum™, Premium, High Performance Candle is filled with 22 ounces of a natural-based, proprietary blend, silky wax perfection with maximum fragrance load.  The Luminare Vitrum™ wick is a high-performance, zinc-core wick that will deliver the ultimate clean burn, with little to no soot (keep wicks trimmed please).  Your candle will burn clean down the sides of the jar, without wax-"hang-up".  All Luminare Vitrum™ candles are developed to completely fill your space with fragrance.


Ask a Question
  • I will not burn this candle but I want something o give a light scent to my bedroom. I don’t like heavy musk scents. I’m not fond of lavender. Do you have a recommendation.

    Well, most people have a bit of a misconception of what musk actually smalls like so I may be answering you incorrectly by telling you what does have musk in it.  True perfumer's musk smells a bit like baby's skin.  It's soft and powdery but powerful in small amounts.  So I'm going to give you the long, but hopefully helpful, version of an answer.

    If you want something to give a light fragrance to your bedroom without lighting the candle, I would recommend one of our most powerful fragrances.  Here is a basic look at different types of the most powerful ones.  Keep in mind that these are designed to throw fragrance when the candle is lit, so this is just a best guess recommendation for what you are trying to accomplish. 

    Candles that would put out fragrance without lighting (in my opinion)
    Apple Vin Brule (spiced apple spirit - not a bedroom scent but it will certainly put out enjoyable fragrance)
    Willow (Green & clean - VERY Much a bedroom scent and very powerful)
    Pomander Italia (very spicy and very citrus)

    The following are PERFUMY (fragrances that could easily be made into a perfume or cologne):
    Crystal Waters & Sea Salt (powerful, clean, well balanced, uplifting. It does contain musk but you certainly cannot detect it)

    GOURMAND (sugary, deep vanilla types with a twist.. olfactory desserts):
    Confectio (super-baked)
    Pumpkin Caramello (very pumpkin puree & caramelized sugar)
    Ginger Creme Ombre (sweetended dried ginger)
    Biscotti Royale (smooth but powerful toasted almond)

    These are powerful but they are each what I believe most consumers consider "musky" (leathery, earthy, deep, strong)
    Augustus (bold, spiced leather patchouli)
    Bayberry Brachetto (heavy, bold spice)
    Pacific Sandalwood (woody, warm and slightly spiced)

    One way to be sure the fragrance you select does not contain true musk, is to do a search for "musk" in the box at the upper right of any page on the website and do not select any of those fragrances.  The only way you will get lavender is if you choose "Crema di Lavanda"

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