Unearthed Fragrance Spray, Crystal Waters & Sea Salt - 6 oz. Copper Room Spray

Crystal Waters & Sea Salt - 6 oz. High Performance Fragrance Spray

Unearthed by Candleberry

  • $12.50

6 oz., High-Performance, Fragrance Spray, (room spray)

 Luminare Vitrum: 24.6 ounce glass candle
 Magna Vitrum: 68 ounce glass candle

The Crystal Waters & Sea Salt fragrance is white tea and coconut pushing brightly through an interesting, light mix of lemon zest and amber, with sparkling notes of sea spray.
Top Notes: lemon, ocean spray
Middle Notes: sea salt, white tea, coconut
Base Notes: amber, musk

Crystal Waters & Sea Salt Fragrance Scoring™: 9
(A range from 1-10 of how powerful you can expect your Unearthed fragrance to be.)

  • Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, bathroom, bedroom, living room

The Unearthed, Vitrum, Fragrance Spray by The Candleberry Candle Company is a high-performance, scented room spray.   Pair Unearthed Fragrance Sprays with the corresponding Luminare Vitrum or Magna Vitrum Candle, in order to jump-start the fragrance in your space

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