Luminosa™ 22 oz. High Performance Scented Candle

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To experience full fragrance throw, burn your UnEarthed® candles completely to the edge and then for an additional 2-3 hours. Keep your wicks trimmed.
Made with essential oils.
UnEarthed® is proud to support the American Heart Association’s™ Life is Why We Give™ Campaign.  For every Luminosa™ Luminare Vitrum™ sold, UnEarthed will donate $4 to The American Heart Association™. 

Luminosa™ fragrance is made with essential oils & is a premium, perfume-grade, fine fragrance.

Luminosa™ Luminosa", translates from Latin, as "bright light" and symbolizes the hope of life.  Our inspiration comes from the yearly transformation of Scorrano, Italy, "Light Capital of the World", during Santa Domenica.  For a five-day magical event, the city of Scorrano becomes an oasis of vibrance and color.  With that same lively spirit, Luminosa™ is brilliant and unforgettable, featuring exotic florals, bright fruits, rare herbs and exceptional resins.

Top Notes: pomelo, tuscan lemon, bergamot zest
Middle Notes: egyptian jasmine, green apple skin, moroccan rose petals
Base Notes: blue amber, oakmoss, pogostemon cablin (patchouli)

Luminosa™ Luminare Vitrum™ Fragrance Scoring™: 8
(A range from 1-10 of how powerful you can expect your Unearthed fragrance to be.)

  • Placement suggestions:  sunroom / conservatory, living room, bedroom, large bathroom / men's den / office

The UnEarthed®, Luminare Vitrum™, Premium, High Performance Candle is filled with 22 ounces of a natural-based, proprietary blend, silky wax perfection with maximum fragrance load.  The Luminare Vitrum™ wick is a high-performance, zinc-core wick that will deliver the ultimate clean burn, with little to no soot (keep wicks trimmed please).  Your candle will burn clean down the sides of the jar, without wax-"hang-up".  All Luminare Vitrum™ candles are developed to completely fill your space with fragrance.

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