Lusso™ - 14 oz. Luxury Packaged Candle

UnEarthed®, Profumo Fine, Candela di Lusso™, translates from Latin to English, "Fine Fragrance, Luxury Candle.  This is scent like you have never experienced in a candle.  Candela di Lusso™, or as we affectionately refer to it as the "Lusso™ Collection", is the UnEarthed® ultimate in candle luxury.  The fragrances of this collection are poured into a 14 ounce, fine white frosted glass, cradled in gold silk and an embossed, luxury box, including a picturesque,  fragrance card to expound upon the notes and development of the fragrance.  The fragrances in this collection are beautifully complex for the most discriminating senses.