Why Willow is a #1 Seller

Willow® is the name of one of our top selling luxury fragrances.  Yes, of course we call all of our products "luxury" but a few of them go beyond that.  What do you call even more luxurious luxury?  We don't know, so we just continue with "Luxury".  

It's Like Your Favorite Perfume

'ic:' Like Your Favorite Perfume
Our definition of luxury fragrance in a candle is scent that goes beyond premium and that which could be easily used in an exclusive, perfume quality fragrance, like Chanel ExclusifsDiorRalph LaurenJo Malone to name a few, and of course there are some others that you can't even find in high end department stores.  Usually those are the same thing you find in the previously mentioned, but they've priced above the $400 mark for the sake of an exclusive image (that's another blog).  Anyway, back to the point... 

Three Years to Formulate a 10

Five Years to Formulate a 10
Our high end scent is that which we've taken years to formulate and hundreds of hours testing to assure it surpasses the performance of all other products on the market.  We've been working and learning on this particular subject for well over 25 years, so we know what that looks like.   We search, literally, for years, to find the best of the best and even when we find that, we tend not to accept the first, second or even third version of the fragrance.  One fragrance can be "in the making" for as much as THREE YEARS!  A perfect example is our Willow Luxury Scented Candle.  After three years of formulation this one, on our Fragrance Scale is a perfect 10!  Instead of trying to blog this out, we have asked our Fragrance Developer for her non-product-formal description and here's what we received!

From Our Fragrance Developer

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"Although it's so hard for me to select a favorite from the UnEarthed® lineup, I can certainly say Willow is absolutely in the fight for the top two (Augustus is my absolute favorite).  It's one of the most powerful fragrances available, not just in the UnEarthed® line, but on the market!  Although that is my personal requirement for burning candles, that's not exactly why I love it.  There's the personality factor too.  Every fragrance we develop has a specific personality and some have a story.  

In developing Willow, we needed to find, through fragrance, the feeling you get when you experience seeing a living weeping willow.  It's impossible not to stare and the visual could easily relax you right to sleep with its hypnotic motion.  The weeping willow's massive stature, no matter the size, is the most graceful of trees with a slow-motion sway, like an ocean of foliage. The personality of the Willow™ fragrance is powerful, soft and meditative "green" without clearly being a "green" fragrance.  It is absolutely worthy of the majestic power of a weeping willow, with an unforgettable gracefulness. 

Back to the Drawing Board

We Went Back to the Drawing Board

During development, going through many 'green' versions, nothing seemed to offer this described feeling you get, when you experience that massive visual.  So, we went back to the drawing board and formulated our own fragrance.  That tends to be the way we do things because it's nearly impossible to find exactly what you're looking for just by saying to the perfume house, "send me a ,'weeping willow' fragrance".  The best thing about doing things this way is that other companies, if they love what you're doing, cannot exactly duplicate your fragrance, because the crossover molecules are just massive...too massive for duplication.  Anyway... excuse the fragrance jargon.  

An Informal Description

How we describe Willow, Luxury, Premium Scented Candles
So, how do I describe Willow?  I can easily say it is a perfect blend of notes (meaning, although there are many, you can't pick one out without being a pro).  It's a fragrance that crosses "green" with "floral" and the blend is so well done that neither are detectable.  It's "clean" and "fresh" but you cannot detect even a hint of fruit.  It's a fragrance one could easily wear as a favorite perfume on a daily basis, where everyone close to you breathes deeply and asks, 'what are you wearing'! 

Luxury Gift Candle

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It's a luxury scented candle you so wish was a perfume that you could wear daily and when you burn it, you tend to breathe a little more deeply too. This clearly apparent love of the fragrance is why we are making it in everything from our huge, 65 oz. 3-wick candle to our small 4.4 oz. travel tin.

As for a clear description, Willow is truly hard to describe, as you can tell, while I stumble through my thoughts, but I can certainly say, when I burn a Willow™ candle, I feel a total sense of comfort and happiness, while the candle offers zero resemblance to a typical "warm and cozy" fragrance.  Now that I've given you my version of things, I think the best way to know exactly what it actually smells like, is to look at the fragrance notes below, or see the description here."

Fragrance Description:
Emerald Water Hyacinth, bamboo and Mediterranean Fig interweave harmoniously with golden amber and musk.

Top Notes: lemon, bergamot, valencia orange zest
Mid Notes: emerald water hyacinth, bamboo, ylang ylang, mediterranean fig, cyclamen petals
Base Notes: musk, patchouli, golden amber, birch wood

Willow™ fragrance is one of our most expensive candles to make with an extremely high end base, just as you would find at the fine fragrance counter in any high end department store.

Willow™ started out, only in our Luxury Gift Candle and has become so popular that we expanded to more products.