Portofino Caligo, a Dream Local

Portofino Caligo is a fragrance we worked on, long and hard.  We researched all the little the nuances of the quaint Italian city and found an absolutely dreamy combination of things that make Portofino... well, Portofino. The fragrance features breathtaking notes of spreading wild vines, wet stone, herbs and rare flowers with a fresh harbor mist overtone.  The naturals of the coast are captured to detect slight notes of beach wood, oakmoss and wild patchouli.


A Fortress of Nature & Ancient Roman Ruins

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Portofino (Italian Riviera) is a city but why do you suppose so many people flock there yearly? Because it's quite a site to behold and hard to forget with those who've had the pleasure of the experience, returning time and time again.  

The quaint fishing village is a fortress of nature and history with ancient Roman ruins battered by thousands of years of sea air but so perfect for the romantic landscape.  Exotic flavors, indigenous plants and lush foliage give the landscape a specific fragrance.  The blue lagoon-like waters brush against the city architecture that seems to naturally stem straight from the waters beneath.  

A Landscape Like No Other

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The pastel buildings seem just as much a part of the surrounding, lush, mountainous hills as the stone and the trees that create the natural surroundings.  The harbor is sprinkled with friendly, colorful boats, living seemingly forever, in this peaceful edge of the Ligurian Sea. The cobblestone walkways provide a hike to remember but losing oneself in hidden parts of the outdoor architecture, is an experience all in its own.  

Even Rainy Days are Amazing!

Portofino Blog - you just don't stay inside but if you do burn a candle and enjoy your day in relaxing on vacation

Inside or out, rain or shine, Portofino is unforgettable.  In Portofino you just don't stay inside, but if a rainy day finds you, there is no lack of entertainment with beautiful Italian restaurants and quaint shops to fill days on end.  If you can't make your way to this wonderous city, try our version.  We promise, it's wonderful and one of our most popular sellers.  Try a 22.6 oz. Premium Candle or a house-filling, 65 oz., 3-Wick Candle. 

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