Emergency Fragrance in a Spray

How many times have you needed a quick fix on home fragrance and didn't have anything on hand?  You just cut onions to enhance a great meal but now the kitchen smells horrific.  Or you stir-frying some fabulous veggies sprinkled with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice.  It's a dreamy meal but now the smell of "fried" is literally stuck to the walls and it has ruined the great scent the candle just spent hours building.  What about when company is coming and you either forgot to light the candle hours in advance or you just didn't think of it.   Heaven forbid company is actually already in the house and someone ruins the bathroom in just a 5 minute trip after dinner.  Fragrance is really important to you so these are real emergency issues in your mind.  Or maybe not an emergency but it's absolutely enough to raise your blood pressure.  Any good house keeper feels this way. 

A Couple of "Old" tricks

One thing can ruin your special occasion preparation

There are a couple of old tricks to uplifting the smell of a home in a pinch.  Of course there is the age old trick of lighting a match and although that can semi-mask some terrible "natural odors", it's more of a blend and you get the best of the worst.  The reason this semi-works is because of the sulfur dioxide emitted from the lit match and when you blow it out, you now have smoking sulfur dioxide.  Not quite the quaint smell of a camp fire but it will work... no, it will BLEND well enough to make a difference.


Another trick some men really do think works (trust me, I live with one) is to fill the entire bathroom with the smell of cologne.  What an expensive trip to the bathroom!  Not just expensive but the least favorite of all the colognes tends to be the "go-to" for this use and now you have an "unmentionable"-enhanced, terrible cologne smell in the bathroom.  This is not a joke!  It's a real thing in some homes and there is no excuse for it when absolutely fabulous room sprays are available from UnEarthed®, in concentrated form, for 1/4 the cost and with 5-times the power to overtake this type of room smell.

Enhancement of Essential Oils

how to get smells out of your house stinky bad disgusting skunk

As for fried foods, animal odors, onion odors and a long list of just about anything you can imagine, UnEarthed® Room Sprays are the end-all-beat-all of room sprays.  They are extremely concentrated and just a spritz or two will do the trick.  These sprays are beautiful enough, I even use them in a closet full of clothes that need a pick-me-up.  Why not?  With the enhancement of essential oils, it's so much more appealing than those smell-the-same sprays used to freshen every fabric known to man.  Walk into a consignment store in the last 10 years?  Then you know what I'm talking about.

Change things up a bit and try something new.  This summer, one of our most loved and powerful, fine fragrance sprays is Crystal Waters & Sea Salt™ This is an absolutely amazing, clean, fresh and uplifting spray that will fill the entire room in seconds!  Another favorite is Grand Valencia™.  It's a fine citrus fragrance with a much more complex formula than your average "orange spray" and works even more effectively with the wonderful essential oil blend that it is.  Our signature 6oz. Concentrated Fragrance Sprays are perfect to keep your room fresh in just a "spritz!" Simple... grab, spray and go. TRY ONE NOW!