Man Space That Smells Amazing!

Every man needs an AMAZING fragrance in his personal space, with notes of oak wood, brushed suede, vetiver and patchouli.  They need it in their space, even if they don't know it! And don't neglect travel.  They can have a few of our fragrances in travel tins too! (Vanilla Robusto™ and Augustus™)

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Actually, several of our fragrances are extremely manly scents, like Sapphire Lux, inspired by Ralph Lauren's, Polo Ultra Blue, Luminosa™, Savage by Christian Dior  and Portofino Caligo™, which is just an amazing ultra-high-end men's fragrance.  (Get the Gentleman's Power Pack at VIP pricing and FREE SHIPPING)
Gentlemen, the lucky ones, get the really unusually attractive notes in fragrance and we just can't resist those particular notes.  Think about it.  Women usually get the vanillas, florals, some citrus and other similar "pretty" notes but unless perfumers are willing to venture out (and some really are) you will not find the deepest, most unusual notes in a feminine fragrance.  For this reason some of the most famous fragrances in the history of perfumery are masculine. 

The Essence of Years in His Space

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Manly fragrance can make a permanent home in a space after weeks, months or even years of contact with furniture and fabrics in the room.  "A permanent home?", you say?  Haven't you ever entered a gentleman's office and inhaled deeply because the essence of his years in the space has permeated every pore of the room?  Usually this only happens when a man wears cologne on a daily basis and it must be one of those full-body spritzes each morning, after he's put all of his clothes on.  Well, that's the only way fragrance can actually rub off on the fabrics of the room unless he has literally sprayed the room, right?  Who knows, if it's someone with a little time on his hands, he may have actually done that but normally this experience is confined to the office of a hard-working professional's office or a really classy man-space where time has been spent on bourbon and long, meaningful business conversations.  Whatever the case, it's normally centered in his favorite chair or the general sitting places within the room. 

A Quick Eye-Roller...

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You might even find yourself, on occasion, making an unrealized stop by his office just to get a quick eye-roller of a whiff.  You know, that kind of deep breathing that makes your eyes roll back in your head just a little because it's such a wonderful smell?

This kind of space fragrance only  materializes after a very long period of time but who wants to spend that much time waiting for man-space fragrance?  You can either spray the room with cologne or you can fill the space consistently and evenly on a daily basis, with a room-warming, gentleman's candle, designed specifically to create this very experience.  This type of candle isn't so easy to find because men's candle fragrances just aren't in the mainstream.  The candle market is considered to be a "female market" but aren't females the actual reason men wear cologne?  If not, then don't females love smelling an amazing gentleman's cologne nearly as much, if not more than a fabulous bouquet of flowers?  Yes! They do!  We know, because we are females!

Exquisite Signature Scent

With so little time and so much love for candles, why not give the man space an instant signature scent?  Augustus fragrance gets a perfect 10 from us and so much attention from everyone who experiences it.  It's such an exquisite, interesting and worthy-of-masculinity scent!

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