Relaxing "ME TIME" - Like a Fragrance Designer

Relaxing me time with luxury travel candles and 6 ounce reusable glass scented candles

When it comes to working, I can hang with the hardest of all workers but when it comes to relaxing recovery, I'm the best!  Although I rarely boast about my abilities, I don 't mind boasting this particular skill when it helps others to do the same.

I spend most of my days in a 12-14 hour work day and then I go to my second job that many of you also hold and that's the most important job of house wife and mother.  You simply must find a way to recover from the combination.  So, after a very long day of creating fragrance and smelling a hundred different notes, resins and anything else you could possibly think of, I simply have no choice but to take a break from the world before beginning my nightly mom stuff.  Of course it's not always possible to take the most relaxing break but when I do, although I spend hours upon days upon weeks sniffing and dealing with fragrance, I still end the day by doing the same.  There's absolutely nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath in a warm candle-glowing atmosphere to decompress from information and situation overload.  As you might guess, UnEarthed® candles are the only candles I use for that glow and even though those fragrances are super powerful, there are a few that fall into the soft-fragrance category and they're my favorites for bath time... easy on the nose but still totally room filling in a way you need them to be and soft on the senses after a day of sensory intensity of any kind.

Essential Oils Relax!

vanilla lavender essential oil scented candle fragrance options with soy and coconut

Now, when you're trying to relax with fragrance, essential oils are the best option.  Thankfully, we use lots of super high quality essential oils in our candle fragrances.  I wouldn't be involved otherwise.  I am very picky about my essential oils and my candle quality so I only use the candles I formulated because I know what's in them.  I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, I'm just saying, I trust what I've formulated over anything else.

As for the best essential oil types for relaxing, most people who are familiar with essential oils, know lavender is a number-one go-to.  Others that fall into the same department are chamomile, jasmine, ylang ylang, and bergamot just to name a few. 

A World of Options!

a world of essential oil scented candle fragrance options with soy and coconut

There are a world of options for relaxing fragrance in the essential oil realm and we use them all in formulation but the one I tend to grab every time is our fantastic version of vanilla and lavender, called Crema di Lavanda™.  Oh my goodness, it is THE BOMB!  It's soft yet powerful and absolutely dreamy!  So I pull out 4-5 of my 6 oz. candles to burn around the bathroom.  This particular candle is poured into a really thick, crystal clear glass (perfect bath size!).  I prefer these after they've burned about half way through because the flame behind the glass creates  a nice, magnified reflective light when burning.  Sure, that means the candle is half gone (sad) but when it's gone, you can clean and reuse for serving drinks.  They make a gorgeous presentation and with what I've collected, I could probably serve a wedding!

Anyway, the Crema di Lavanda™. fragrance is fast-filling (killer hot throw) so it only takes about the time I spend preparing and filling the tub, to start permeating the room.  That's really the case with all of the 6 oz. candles but again, relax=lavender so I buy stock in that one.  I deserve it! 

Another GO-TO

LILIUM - TRAVEL TIN - luxury scented premium candles high end essential oils coconut vegetable vegan white frosted glass recycle upcycle reusable

Two others I use for bath time are Lilium™ and Willow™.  These two are in a copper travel tin instead of the thick lux glass, which is good with me.  As I said, I've got plenty of stock in the 6 oz. glasses so it's a nice change. Nevertheless they are nice and small (4.4 ounces).  Both Lilium™ and Willow™ candles have some really nice relaxing essential oil notes and each are at different ends of the fragrance spectrum.  Lilium™ is warm and relaxing and Willow™ is green and fresh.  Willow™ is one of those that makes you want to inhale... just intoxicating.  It's a pretty powerful scent but with the 4.4 oz. candle you can burn a few at a time and it's a great change for when you're looking for "uplifting" in addition to relaxing.  

After a good 30 minutes in the tub with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a few pages of a book I pretend I'm reading, I'm sure you can imagine it's hard to remove oneself from the tub.  Once I do finally pull myself out, I'm completely renewed and the night just seems so much better.  I've had my me time and my relationship with fragrance is renewed for another day of creativity tomorrow.  I highly recommend the ritual!

Bath time is fabulous when you include essential oils and ours are premium and powerful!