A Game Called Hide the Turkey

 Your sense of smell is like a branding iron to your brain.  What does that mean?  Well, for example, have you noticed the smell of an ice cream shop, like, say...Baskin Robbins?  The smell of that place is so seared into my brain, I smell it even just thinking about it.  That’s my magical superpower, by the way; being able to recall smells just by thinking about them or seeing an image of it.  No joke!  Anyway, now, when a scented product has the words “ice cream” in the name, I’m forever saying, “That is NOT what ice cream smells like!”

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Childhood Thanksgivings

When I was a young girl, the smells on Thanksgiving day were always onions, garlic, sage, roasted meat, broth, greens, more garlic, more onions… not exactly magical but it’s a homey memory.  On Thanksgiving morning, my mother packed us into the car for a 2-4 hour drive, depending on which grandparent would receive us first and you were not allowed to eat that morning.  For some reason, my grandmother thought dinner was at 11am.  Nevertheless, it worked out perfectly to stuff ourselves and then pass out for a few hours in front of the football game, or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then load back into the car to drive for another 2 hours, in a food-drunken stupor, to the next grandparent’s house, for a near duplication of the experience that evening.
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The Smell of Thanksgiving

Every grandparent has an unspoken right to your presence at Thanksgiving dinner and so for every house you enter, a totally new smell becomes your breathing air, depending on exactly what they’re cooking.  Sure, that can be a “homey” smell, but not always and back then, scented candles were not what they are today.  So you couldn’t just light a candle or even a nice room-spray to get the smell back to “cozy/holiday”.  Your options were Lysol disinfectant  or opening the windows.  One year my mother got creative and boiled an entire spice bottle of cinnamon sticks, trying to rid the house of what I believe was “blackened” or more accurately, “burned” green beans.  That combined smell was a horrific experience.
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Years later, for my first Thanksgiving as a young, married adult I cooked the entire meal, 100%!  Okay, well, sort of… with some frozen casseroles and deli meat.  It was hysterical!  I’ve always worked long hours, beyond the average person, so cutting corners, undetected, was my thing.  If you work and have children and a spouse, you know why that’s necessary!  

It was 1995, Thanksgiving day, at my newly purchased, modest, first home and I was ready to show everyone my holiday cooking skills.  I would say you know I didn’t realize what I was in for but it’s more like the family didn’t realize what they were in for.

My first attempt at thanksgiving cooking and recipes for the holidays - it was terrible but with family!

About an hour or so before the meal, my brilliant, undetectable shortcut was nearing execution. My mother asked, “Lisa, where, exactly, is your turkey??”.  I said, “Oh, I’m getting ready to take care of that!”. When she realized there was no turkey present, she went into panic mode and  induced panic in the rest of my immediate family guests.   

I calmed her and ran to the grocery to pick up a few pounds of sliced turkey from the deli!!!  (oh this makes me laugh!).  When I came home with the “shaved” turkey meat as the meal’s main dish and my mother saw the brown paper wrapped bundle in my hand, she nearly fell down!  I thought, "the times are-a-changin" Mother, dear!  You are about to experience efficiency at its best and when this dinner is over, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this years ago!”  Was I right?  No, not at all!  It was mildly appealing, well, because I’m creative like that, but the crowd’s reaction was like...CRICKETS!! 🤣😂🤣😂

876holiday games playing hide the turkey terrible smells at t

Fast-Forward to Today!

As a modern wife and mother of two, and fragrance designer for over 25 years, I do love my holiday cooking smells but I’ve discovered a way to make the less appealing  (onions, garlic, meat, broth, fried “whatever”) so much better and much more memorable!  What you must do, is find a scented candle that complements the smell of what you’re cooking.

f course, this won’t work  just as I’m telling you if your candle is not made by UnEarthed® .  I mean sure, it can be done...try it but I recommend whatever you would normally burn from UnEarthed® , you’ll need to double or triple the number of candles you burn (5-8).  And in that case, please you MUST trim all of your wicks every 30-45 minutes or you will have a mess on your hands.  I simply can’t vouch for the soot level of other brands.

of course, this won’t work  just as I’m telling you if your candle is not made by UnEarthed

A Little Game Called Hide the Turkey

So, my solution to hide the smell of the turkey and everything else not as “holiday” as one might want, is lighting multiple spice candles, specifically, Apple Vin Brulé™ .  The trick is to light, minimally, 2 candles, to handle the intensity of the cooking smell. I mean, think about it.  How many times have you had candles lit during the holidays and the air is just permeated with the "food fog" so much so that it overtakes your candles.  It's hard to fight those kind of thick food fragrance particles in the air, but with UnEarthed®, you can do it!  Granted the entire thing is going to be a blend but that is exactly why I am going to explain this: It takes a spicy, decadent or “gourmand” scent to succeed at my "trick" and get a cozy house aroma, when your “cookery” is mind-bogglingly powerful. Anything clean/perfume-type will just be a strange mix with the heavy food-cooking smell.

I highly recommend that if the scent has a room spray, you start with that so you can jump-start the fragrance in the air while you're waiting for your candle to disburse (takes a few hours to melt completely out, of course) 

Specifically, the scents you’d pick from, at UnEarthed® are:

  1. Pomander Italia™ 
  2. Pumpkin Caramello™  (absolutely perfect for this day)
  3. Bayberry Brachetto™  (most powerful spice scent)
  4. Apple Vin Brulé™  (my fave!)
  5. Ginger Créme Ombre™  (unbelievable and also perfect!)
  6. Confectio™  (#1 seller!)


I’m telling you if your candle is not made by UnEarthed

It’s a hard-core fact that memories are seared more permanently/vividly into your brain, if smells are attached and not all of those smells are something to get excited about.  When the less attractive, house-filling, cooking smell is going to hit your house for a day and you want things to be more perfectly special, try my trick!  I do not make this claim lightly but seriously and confidently - your Thanksgiving will be a much more magical event, your visitors will be complementing the way your house smells so cozy and it will become your new cooking-day ritual!  Just know that for you and your family, from that point forward, this particular candle smell will be the smell of Thanksgiving.