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Pumpkin Candle by UnEarthed.  Kelsey's Candle Blog

I don’t think I’ve heard one person say “aw, bummer… autumn… yuck”. No, everyone loves big knit sweaters, hot chili, the leaves turning, and pumpkin spice everything. (Have you seen pumpkin spice Spam? It’s a thing, a thing no one asked for… but it’s a thing.)   After a nice hot summer we all welcome the chill in the air, the crispness, the warm colors, the festivals. There really isn’t anything not to love. (I’m not a huge fan of the freezing Winter that follows… I wish we could just skip to Spring… but I still love me some Fall.)
Now, unlike the majority of the planet, I’m not a coffee drinker; but you can catch me frequently with a hot chocolate or hot apple cider during the Autumn months, and I’ll most definitely be rocking a chunky scarf with some plaid. 100% wearing a ton of plaid… oh and boots! Boots… anklets, knee-highs, mid-calves… yes please. But, I digress… what you’re mostly be catching me doing this Fall is enjoying the new Fall line by UnEarthed.

I mean it when I say these are the best autumn scented candles I’ve experienced. Currently Pumpkin Caramello is burning in my kitchen, and has filled my entire home. The jar description makes me want to grab a fork! “Freshly prepared, warm, buttery caramel, drizzled, heavily, over the gourmet spice and creaminess of a delicate pumpkin dessert.”  I mean, really… yum! Right?! It's like the amazing scent of some Instagram worthy dessert, without the mess or effort in the kitchen, and zero calories. Perfection in a jar. It’s the kind of scent that you close your eyes to, that you savor.

If you’ve not gotten a chance to check out the new Fall line, you can do so here. No matter if you’re looking for gift ideas, or just a new scent for the season, look no further for the best candle scents for Fall.  There is a scent for every taste: sweet, fruity, earthy… it’s all covered; and here to help you transition your home from the long, hot summer, to the warm, cozy, welcoming scents of Autumn.

Use #MyUnEarthed to share your favorite scents, we’d love to hear from you!

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