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Rosemary and Alys Beach with Scented CandlesThis year I decided to take the family on a secret luxury vacation.  Secret because the kids didn’t know it was going to be “luxury” or they wouldn’t go. I was taking along my UnEarthed®, Minima Vitrum, lux votive candles to set an extra special atmosphere but I do that on every trip I take.        As I searched for our spot, I found everything was booked because I waited a little too late to make a reservation and my adult children were insisting on being where the action was, so how was I going to find a happy medium?  The more I searched, the further west the lack of vacancies pushed our trip.  No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get away from this one spot on the map, called Rosemary Beach or just down from it, Alys Beach.  I was able to get what looked to be a lovely little chateau right across from the beach.  I was very nervous because Google Earth showed  mostly tree-covered area with a cluster of homes and the beach.  However, once we arrived it was clear we were smack in the midst of a hidden gold mine of a vacation spot.  It was like driving into a little Tuscan city on the seashore! What a treat!  Sure, the grocery was at least a 15-minute drive but I didn’t care about that, I was getting my luxury vacation!  Crystal Waters & Sea Salt as my first scent to enjoy in this beautiful new vacation spot.

Enjoying Fragrance in a Luxury Village by the Sea

After settling into this perfect little palace, I did what I always do first; break out the candles.  I had gifted myself a Minima Vitrum votive set as a pre-vacation present. Yes, I was the person who designed the fragrance, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to enjoy the finished product.  When I opened my gorgeous box of seven fragrances, I experienced something I rarely do.  Fragrance overload! You see, I work in fragrance, and when you’re in it all day, you can’t smell it.  I never take multiple candles home, so it was actually new for me to open seven scents at

The Perfect Votive Gift Set

once.  I had forgotten just how powerful UnEarthed® fragrance can be.  I was in a luxurious village by the sea, so I picked   I know how impatient I am, and that I would want the scent to “activate” quickly, so I actually brought the Sea Salt & Surf Luminare Room Spray along with me (do other people do this?).  I lit the votive and then sprayed the room so I didn’t have to wait for the melt pool to develop.  Normally, by the time the spray dies down a little, the melt pool is right about where you need it.  Later, when I lit it without the spray, I learned this little fragrance packs a quick punch!  A VOTIVE candle scented the entire large bedroom, and I mean, powerfully and quickly and it was wonderful!  I almost called back to the factory to ask them to 2nd-day a bigger candle.  I mean it was the only vacation I was taking for

Crystal Waters & Sea Salt Sceneted Candle

the year and the scent was so complex and just amazing.  I know, I know, again, I designed these fragrances, so why am I talking like I’ve never smelled them before?  Well, because there is a huge difference in attempting to formulate a fragrance at work, surrounded by seven-hundred other scents and relaxing at home or on vacation, away from work and really enjoying the scents to their fullest.  Anyway, I came to my senses and realized how many candles I already had with me. I mean, I would be lucky to burn through the entire seven-votive set of candles.  Okay, so earlier, I said I brought my Minima Vitrum votive set with me, but I neglected to mention the other two candles I brought (do other people do this?).  My choices were    Crema di Lavanda and Vanilla Robusto. I lit Vanilla Robusto in the living room.  It was no surprise that the Vanilla Robusto candle filled the kitchen, living room and most of the stairwell.  I mean I designed it to do that, but I just get excited when fragrances to what they should.  I love that it has a masculine edge to it.  I would say I can’t quite put my finger on it but you know I can.  It’s a smoked vanilla.  That’s why I named it Vanilla Robusto. Robusto is a thicker variation of Cuban cigar.  Non-Cuban cigar companies also use the term Robusto but I like to think this fragrance is closer to a really smooth Cuban.

Vanilla Robusto is just a really nice, mellow but powerful scent.  I think if I had to pick a correct occasion for the fragrance, it would be for relaxing, for company, or for relaxing with company.  It took three afternoons just to burn through my first votive so needless to say, I didn’t get to burn through all of them. I’m not complaining at all, I’ll just have to save the feedback on the other fragrances for another post.  I was, however, able to thoroughly experience two other fragrances,

Vanilla Robusto, a complex, smoked vanilla scented candle
Grand Valencia and Crema di Lavanda.  Grand Valencia,  bar-none, is the most intoxicating, sweet, citrus fragrances I’ve ever experienced.   Then one night I lit the Crema di Lavanda votive and the Crema di Lavanda  Luminare Vitrum at the same time.  WOW, that was out of this world.  It literally started throwing fragrance the moment I lit the candle and it didn’t take five minutes to start filling the house with creamy, clean, perfectly fresh and warm, cozy, lovely, lavender vanilla fragrance.  It’s not your average lavender vanilla.  It is really something special that you would need to experience to understand.  Of the fragrances I took with me on that trip (that I burned) this was my personal favorite.  If I could, I would nominate Crema diLavanda for the fragrance hall of "flame".  
To wrap my vacation thoughts up, I have to say, if you go on vacation without a scented candle, you're missing out on a complete set of memory markers.  I, personally, do this, not just to make my vacations more enjoyable, but so that every time, from this day forward, that I light this fragrance or smell anything similar, I'm reminded of that great vacation back in twenty-something.  It's nice to do that when you want your home to have a tropical vibe.  You just break out the fragrance from that tropical vacation and it's like you're taken right back to the good times!
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