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What is a Premium Candle?

Real premium products are hard to find in an online world full of marketing. Know premium when you see it and learn all about what to look for in your fragrance products.

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_UE - 1008 X 350 - OTTO BANNER - FATHER'S DAY 20% OFF ALL MASCULINE FRAGRANCES candle scented powerful strong soy coconut oil essentials

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Nothing says masculine like an office (or "Man Cave") full of extremely manly fragrance! Our Masculine Fragrance candles are filled with essential oils, luxurious vegetable and coconut wax. Give Dad a unique, lasting gift this year!

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Going on vacation doesn't mean sacrificing the smell of home. Take it with you! Bring a special enhancement along on summer vacation.


A little goes a long way.  UnEarthed® High-Performance, Powerful Room Sprays™ are a perfect complement to your favorite UnEarthed® candle, to jump-start an entire home full of fragrance with just a few concentrated spritzes and in a moments notice. 


As a pioneer of the fragrance industry, UnEarthed® has developed new, natural methods of fragrance blending that cause average room perfumery to become outstanding home fillers. We invite you to experience this new technology today.

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Scented Candles


Fragrance of the Italian Riviera

Summer is the perfect time to take that vacation you've been dreaming of. No time for that? Alright then, Let us bring the vacation to you! Portofino, an Italian Riviera Dream destination...

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A Fragrance Designer's Day


When you pay for items scented with Madagascar vanilla, you aren't paying for cheap imitation scents made by man in an overseas factory. Rather, you're paying for the time and...

What do You Perceive to be a Luxury Candle?

I thought, “Hm, that’s odd. Shouldn’t premium fragrance cold-carry?” (how strong the candle is when it’s cold/not lit).  Was this a mistake? The tiny dust-covers on the votive candles, were...

Vacation With Candles!

This year I decided to take the family on a secret luxury vacation.  Secret because the kids didn’t know it was going to be “luxury” or they wouldn’t go. I...

I've been using UnEarthed products for two years and I will never go back to another candle. It's clear that this company takes the time to really give you what you can't find in other candle brands. I've tried many luxury brands and this one hangs in with the best of them!

Fran B.

I'm a product reviewer. I do it for a living. Sometimes it can be difficult to say all great things about a product but with the UnEarthed products, it's difficult to keep the good comments to a minimum for ease of reading. The room sprays are OUTSTANDING and the candles are the best I've ever used.

Perry F.

Everyone who enters my home gets overtaken by gorgeous, fragrance and they always want to know how to duplicate it in their own home. I've sent you so many customers! It's just impossible to hide your home scent secrets when you're so excited about a product! :)

Kindra S.

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